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If you or your group would like to do a "Fill a Pack, Fill a Need Drive" to fill Golden Packs of Hope and/or visit a senior living facility, we want to encourage you in any way we can.  Our hope is to bring a little joy to the life of each senior citizen visited and more importantly remind them that they are valued.

Filling a Pack 

Each Golden Pack of Hope contains:
New pajamas or blanket along with 3 or more of the following:

  • denture cup                           *slippers
  • hard candy                            *gloves
  • chapstick                              *scarf
  • soap                                      *large print cards/games/puzzles
  • lotion                                    *wipes
  • socks                                    *facial tissue
  • toilet paper                           *note of encouragement
  • shampoo/conditioner            *nightlight  
If you are knit or crochet, we would value any donations of shawls or blankets you would like us to pass on to a senior.


Golden Packs of Hope has a partnership with 3 local nursing homes where volunteers visit every month.  We meet every month to host a birthday party for the residents.  Each resident with a birthday that month receives a Golden Pack of Hope for their birthday.  We are always in need of volunteers to help with visits and the party is only 1 hour long.  What a gift to spend time with a senior citizen for their birthday when chances are no one else will visit.

Please contact us for all your questions at

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