Monday, January 20, 2014

 Thanks for the magic show Ben & Char!

Crafting with our friends!

2014 Volunteer Opportunities

January 4 - group = Warehouse 180 teens
February 1 - volunteers needed
March 1: group = ballet group
April 5: volunteers needed
May 3: volunteers needed
June 7: volunteers needed
July 5: volunteers needed
August 2: volunteers needed
September 6: join us for Bingo!
October 4: volunteers needed for crafts
November 1: volunteers needed
December 6: volunteers needed

Each month we meet from 2-3pm to host a Birthday Club and all residents are invited to celebrate upcoming birthdays as they receive a Golden Pack of Hope as a gift from our organization. We need volunteers to help serve cake and socialize with the residents. This is a perfect way for your family (even the little ones), small group, or scout troop to participate together. Contact us if your family/group would like to volunteer at